Delicious Healthy Muesli and Granola

Premium Quality, Hand Made, No Sugar and Local Selected Ingredients

Why choose us?

After testing during several years with different cereals, fruits, seeds, nuts, sweeteners, oil and my experience in baking since I was a teenager and as blogger at I created these delicious and healthy Home Made Mueslis and Granola

I have four different recipes, gluten free variety and Vegan Granola.

The selection of the ingredients are done to get the finest and more delicious muesli and according to their nutrition value, quality and tasty flavour. Ingredients are treated separately to have a top quality muesli.

All recipes have in common the fine oat flakes, demeter spelt flakes, amaranth in gluten free version, bio ground lin seeds, bio chia seeds, bio sunflower seeds and bio sesame seeds with two bio spanish extra virgin olive oil from the olive Arbequina, sweet and little bit spicy and a hint of Blossom Honey and Bio Maple Syrup in Vegan Granola.

Since this is a never ending process and each day a new idea comes to my mind, I am working on other recipes.

Our Recipes

Banana Bread recipe appears for the first time in the 1933 in “Balanced Recipes cookbook” in the city of Pillsbury, USA. Over the years, this sweet bread became popular throughout the country and by the 1960s, all American housewives knew how to make it. Today, with almost 100 years of history, banana ...
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