Hi! My name is Emma!

Emma, born in La Rioja, a community located in the north of Spain, lover of good food, a varied and balanced diet and, of course, lover of desserts.

This passion led me to create a cooking blog, laencimeraazul.com where I posted all kind of desserts and some of my favorite dishes.

One of my favourite meals of the day is breakfast, with fresh orange juice, coffee with milk, real bread from the previous day with extra virgin olive oil, a wonderful croissant or one of the most nutritious and balanced foods that exists, müesli.

Since I’m such a lover of delicious things, and after being disappointed after trying all the mueslis that I found in the markets, I decided to start making my own super rich and nutritious muesli: Emma’s Muesli.

Two years ago, life took me to Switzerland which coincidentally is also the land of müesli! I settled down in the tri-border city of Basel which sits next to France and Germany. The benefit of this was that I then stumbled across thousands of different müesli ingredients to start experimenting with. The best ingredients selected from France, Germany, Switzerland and of course the finest extra virgin olive oil from my country of origin, Spain.

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Manufacturing and selection of ingredients

How I make it and how I select the ingredients

 My passion for deserts, chemistry, balanced diet and breakfasts led me to make my own muesli several years ago to have tastier and more nutritious breakfasts.

I wanted to make my own home-made tastier and more nutritious muesli and after several years of experimenting with different cereals, fruits, seeds, nuts, sweetners and oils, I finally created these delicious, healthy home-made mueslis with the benefit of having no added sugar.
These are swiss recipes with a mediterranean touch, the extra virgin olive oil

I have four different recipes, gluten free variety and Vegan Granola.

Since this is a never ending process and each day a new idea comes to my mind, I am working on other recipes.

The selection of the ingredients are done to get the finest and more delicious muesli and according to their nutrition value, quality and tasty flavour.

This is one of the main reasons the muesli is not 100% bio since I consider to be more important the taste, proximity, less processed and quality of the product over the bio origin, but I always try to use bio as possible.

Brezel Red Fruits Emma´s Muesli

All recipes have in common the fine oat flakes, bio spelt flakes, amaranth in gluten free version, ground lin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds with spanish extra virgin olive oil from the olive Arbequina, sweet and little bit spicy and a hint of Blossom Honey and Maple Syrup in Vegan Granola.

All seeds are treated separately enhancing their flavour and spelt gives a toasty taste to the basic recipe, same time you enjoy a the most complet and easiest cereal to digest.

Since this is a never ending process and each day a new idea comes to my mind, I am working on other recipes.

The antioxidant Red Fruits are no added sugar lyophilized strawberries, raspberries, wild blueberries and natural apple to give a natural sweetness.

The process of lyophilization make the fruits to keep all the nutrients and crispy texture. They are kept in a special bag so the fruits maintain their freshness and also you can pour your favourite milk inside the bag to take away and enjoy during your travels.

The nuts recipe is also a no added sugar recipe made with Marcona Almonds, the tastiest almonds in the world, Macadamia nuts, the king of the nuts with the most nutritios value over all nuts and one of my favourite nuts, hazelnuts that give a sweet taste to the muesli. I also add natural apple and raisins.

The Dark Chocolate is made with two types of swiss black chocolate, 64% chocolate to cover the oat and spelt flakes and velvety black chocolate chips with 70% cocoa and bio coconut.

A bavarian muesli recipe with Bretzels and red fruits, this is the only recipe with brown cane sugar, so you will enjoy savory/sweet bretzel within the acid red fruits recipe, an explosion on your mouth and for your senses.

All mueslis are hand made, treating every ingredient separately so you enjoy one of the most delicious and nutritious mueslis ever.

Black Chocolate Emma´s Muesli

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